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Wonderful SciFi Read For YA & Young At Heart

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Sapient Salvation 1: The Selection (Sapient Salvation Series) - Jayne Faith, Christine Castle

It was a very well put together, solid SciFi story. The story moves along at a wonderfully fast pace, introducing lots of characters, yet explaining each one so that they have their own voice. The main character of the book is a youg woman, just coming of age, named Maya; who lives with her mother and disabled (blind) sister-who she protects. The Selection is a process, whereby those who come of age must be presented to the Over Lord and certain select women are picked to “service” the Lord however he see fit. The woman who was selected from Maya’s clan, dies suddenly and Maya is named in her place to be presented to the Lord and to do whatever he desires. She’s questioning many things in her life and the story continues to tell her saga, through the process of living with the Lord. I think this books is suitable for audiences ranging from young adult to older. Perfectly written and the author writes in such a wonderfully descriptive manner, you grow very fond of the characters in this book very quickly. I would highly recommend to any SciFi/Fantasy fan.