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Wish This Could Get More Than 5 Stars-Fabulous Read!!

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Fighting For Her Dragon (Dragon Guard Series Book 7) - Julia Mills, Lisa Miller, Linda Boulanger

I received an ARC copy of this incredible book in exchange for an honest review and I'm SO glad I did!! I honestly could not put this book down, I read it straight through in one sitting!! It grabs you from the first word and brings you into a wonderful world of fantasy and undying love. It will tug at your heart and emotions, I smiled, laughed and even cried because the character quickly become so REAL and believable, you just cannot help but feel so much emotions outpouring from the pages!!! It is a true tale of forever love and commitment and a fantastic glimpse into a world where shifting dragons DO exist, live and try to remain in tact. This is the latest book in The Dragon Guard Series and while I read this before the others, I did not feel lost or that I had missed anything. You may find information that will shed light on prior books *spoilers* reading out of order, but it in no way takes away from the story, this book could certainly stand alone and entertain the reader thoroughly. All the characters are described in such detail and are extremely believable. You will take a peak into shifters that exist for hundreds of years trying to preserve their kind and the closeness of a wonderful clan of characters. You just can't help but fall in love with the two main characters, Emma & Andrew and you will also be drawn to key other characters, specifically a magical child named Sydney who will just tear at your heartstrings. A fabulously written book that captured me from word one!!! I would recommend this to readers of all ages, who have a love for fantasy, dragons, other realms and incredible love stories. I cannot wait to read the entire series, and plan on starting that right away!! Grab this book and your box of tissues, your in for one heart wrenching ride, but worth EVERY word!! Love, Love, Loved it!!!