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Fantastic Story of TRUE Love, Not Romance-Wonderful Fantasy!

— feeling amazing
Evanescent - Gabriella Lepore

I received this book in exchange for a fair, honest review. I absolutely loved this book. It is everything you want in a fantasy book and more. It is a TRUE love story, not in the romantic sense, so to speak, but an unconditional love on several levels in the book. The author captures you immediately and you are drawn in to a non-stop page turner. The main character discovers this true love from the love of her "grandmother", to the love of a bewitched young soul who was doomed to eternal life. The story intertwines so many elements and without giving up any spoilers, all I can say is she sews up all the loose ends beautifully, but keeps you curious and wanting more through the entire book. You'll meet Bronwen (the main character), her grandmother, a savior, a group of young cursed to eternal life group of friends/brothers and the dark entity that is hunting Bronwen. Brilliantly written and would highly recommend to anyone looking for fantasy and more.